Michael Baissary

Studying at University of Ballarat

Major: Bachelor of Information Technology

Almouna International Education is the most important agency in Lebanon; they prepare the students for IELTS tests so they can pass the exam from the first time, for this reason i would like to thank Mr. Hassan who helped us a lot and prepared us to be under pressure to be more comfortable during the test.
We can't forget the effort of Miss Hind who did the whole application for me; starting from communicating with the university in Australia, helping me to choose my major here and booking an appointment for me at the British Council and finishing my papar work for a student visa at the Australian Embassy-Beirut, 
same to Mr. Brian who helped me a lot to understand the rules here and gave me a summary of how the Aussies people think and live so I can communicate easily with them, as he lived here for many years...
and what's good about " Almouna International Education " is: they are more than an agency; they become like your family because they keep in touch with you even when you reach your destination.
You won't feel as a stranger at university when you first get in; because before you start studying there.
There are lot of words to say about this great team in " Almouna International Education ", but i want to summarize everything by advising everyone to apply from that agency so they can save their time and their money.
Thank you again for everything you did for me and you are still doing so far.